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After you schedule an appointment for your headshot, the next step is to decide what you will be wearing during the session. It’s always a good idea to have several outfit options you can choose from depending on the use of the images. Having both formal and relaxed versions of the business look is very helpful when you have multiple purposes in mind, such as company websites, social media networking and press releases.


The deciding factor in choosing the right outfit for your session is what you will be using your headshot for. If your business relies on personal branding for gaining new audiences, it’s a good idea to show not only your formal professional side, but also bring out your personality and lifestyle. Opting for a stylish suit or an elegant dress which complements your working environment emphasizes precision and professionalism, while a casual outfit conveys the personal touch and one-on-one connection as some of the key elements of your business. In case your headshot is going to be used in the company directory, it’s important to check with your employer if there is a specific dress code. While startups and tech companies generally lean towards laid back clothing style, other businesses, such as law firms or financial institutions require a suit and tie type of attire to display on their websites.


Another key factor is the impression you want to make on the viewers. Many of our clients prefer to align with corporate values, such as the ability to effectively collaborate with others, responsiveness and trustworthiness. Tailored suits are an excellent choice in this case. Professionals who anticipate speaking engagements and public appearances often favor a business casual look, such as dresses, jumpers or a blazer and t-shirt combination. Some clients whose businesses are built by cultivating trust and interpersonal relationships with clients opt for casual outfits which emphasize their ability to connect and communicate effectively.


The background color sets the general tone of the image, and it’s important to keep that in mind when dressing for your photo session. Generally, business attire tends to be of dark colors, such as navy blue, grey or black. It's a good idea to combine those with brighter elements of clothing or a lighter backdrop. However, if you prefer a dark background, there is no need to avoid using similar colors, as the hue of your outfit will most likely be different from that of the paper or wall behind you and will reflect the light differently. Consider clothes which complement your skin or eye color. There are many resources online which can help you, such as this InStyle article. In addition, you can find some inspirations for combining hues and shades of your outfit on websites such as Canva. Adding a pop of color, for example, a bright pocket square or a pop of lipstick can also be a good idea.


Overall, it’s useful to have a few favorite images saved on Pinterest or other social media which you can use as inspirations when planning your outfits. This will give you a good starting point, and the PicMe! team will be happy to discuss your options prior to the shoot.

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