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Headshots for Actors Examples

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Headshots for Actors

When planning for acting headshot session, it's important to assess your personal brand's strengths. What type of roles have you been booked for so far? What type of work do you see yourself getting in the future? It's important to keep your acting portfolio consistent with the vision that you have for your career. 

The second most important step in updating your portfolio is to find a headshot photographer whose body of work reflects the style that you have in mind for your pictures. It can be light and easygoing, if you are looking for commercial acting jobs or more mysterious and moody, if you are aiming for crime series or dramatic roles. 

However, it's always helpful to discuss the desired outcomes with the photographer and plan for the makeup and wardrobe accordingly. We love collaborating on your headshot vision or suggest a style that would work for your particular goals. Feel free to call us or shoot us an email. Looking forward to taking your stunning headshots!

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